The five clans: warrior cats

a place where the original four clans of cats can meet and role play together
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Windclan and Thunderclan need medicine cats!
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the season is: Greenleaf
Dying waters
Sun Dec 16, 2012 7:12 am by Starclan
As christmas draws nearer, things in the clans begin to change! the medicine cats will recive a prophecy from starclan that reads
"as the sun gets hotter
the river will get dryer
the clans will die
if you do not figure out why"

the rivers have been drying up in the territories and water is getting harder to find. find out the reason for why this is

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The Rose Garden
Sat Dec 15, 2012 5:17 am by Starclan
Cash in your petals here to buy perks and accessories!

Second character_____200 petals
third charcater________400 petals
+ 200 if in another clan

Accessories____50 petals
Disability______150 petals
Unnatural markings___150 petals
unnatural coloured pelt____200 Petals
Unnatural coloured eyes___150 petals.

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 Training form! - Please use when you train your apprentice

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PostSubject: Training form! - Please use when you train your apprentice   Sat Dec 15, 2012 8:43 am

Hunting Large Animals :
Successful hunt: 10 points / Unsuccessful hunt: 4 points

Hunting Medium-Sized Animals :
Successful hunt: 6 points / Unsuccessful hunt: 3 points

Hunting Small Animals :
Successful hunt: 4 points / Unsuccessful hunt: 2 points

Fishing :
Successful fish: 4 points / Unsuccessful fish: 2 points

Finding Prey :
Successful track: 5 points / Unsuccessful track: 3 points

Finding Herbs :
Quick find: 8 points / Slow find: 4 points / Unsuccessful find: 2 points

Scouting for Predators :

Find a predator: 5 points

Offensive Fighting :
Successful hit: 4 points / Unsuccessful hit: 2 points

Defensive Fighting :
Successful block: 5 points / Unsuccessful block: 3 points

(idea copyrighted to Magmafeather of TFC)

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Training form! - Please use when you train your apprentice
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